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Our Services

Our reputation is built on providing a good customer liaison. Newts is oils is also renown for being best on price.
Services include;

  • Gas Oil
  • Unleaded Petrol
  • Derv
  • Kerosene
  • Emergency 24hr response
  • Scheduled on demand or one off collections
  • Fuel uplifted and transferred from site to site

24 hour urgent Services

Need help? Stuck with an urgent load? Newts Oils have the answer! 

Fuel Services


We are suppliers of a complete range of premium fuel oils to industrial, agricultural, domestic, commercial, retail & haulage customers.

We offer a quick and reliable service to all of our customers.

Our delivery vehicles have a capacities of up to 20,000 litres and are equipped with meters to measure the exact amount you receive.

A contract can also be set-up to ensure reliability and save time.


Newts Oils is proud to offer a portable diesel fill up service.

We will come to you at home, work or at the roadside to fill up your car/van with fuel.

If you have pushed your luck and do not have enough fuel to get to the petrol station, or you are simply too busy; our service can help for only a fraction more pence per litre than the major petrol stations.

Crossovers & Waste Uplifts Services

We offer an uplift service for waste oils and fuels as well as crossovers.

We can arrange collection from any location in the UK; waste is transferred safely and disposed at one of our many approved and licensed depots.

Our vehicles have been designed and regulated for use on petroleum forecourts for uplifts.

We also have vehicles that can deliver to hard to reach tanks. 

Waste uplifts

Our Tankers have been designed and regulated for use on petroleum uplifts for forecourts.

Cross contaminated fuels can be uplifted and transported back to the refinery or to another destination of your choice across the uk.

We are OHCS and OAMPS approved.

Health and Safety is our utmost priority and all operatives are fully qualified.

Newt Oils Supplies

We supply;
Gas Oil, Unleaded Petrol, DERV & Kerosene

Diesel, aka DERV, white diesel or road diesel is suitable for use in all road vehicles powered by a diesel engine, (e.g lorries, cars and vans)

We buy our diesel direct from the refinery to ensure the best quality competitive rates.

We supply Gas Oil, aka red diesel, where you want it, when you want it.

Red Diesel is used by our industrial, commercial, agricultural and construction customers in a wide variety of uses from heating right through to tower cranes, excavators, diggers, tractors etc.

Kerosene, also known as burning oil and industrial paraffin, is used for domestic heating and industrial processes requiring low sulphur fuel.

Unleaded Petrol is suitable for use in all road vehicles powered by a petrol engine, (e.g motorbikes, cars and vans).


Areas of Service

Newts Oils LTD operates over the whole of the UK. 

UK wide services